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Business Health Check

This is a great value for money way to start your business enhancement process and also handy to see which way things might go.

We will do a comprehensive assessment of your business from the ground up. We look at all the Key Performance Indicators, financial performance, operating efficiency, staff effectiveness and many more important determinants of business success.

Most aspects of the business are compared to industry and high-performance standards.

  • Profit and financial performance

  • Key performance indicator comparison to benchmarks and trends

  • Environmental analysis looking at demographics, economics, customers and competitors

  • Staff structure and performance review

  • Detailed and comprehensive report

  • Important areas for improvement

  • This report will give you a very good idea where you will get the most improvement in your business. It is also an important pre-cursor to developing a full Business plan and budget.

Our report will take about 2 weeks to come back to you, and we will follow up and discuss all the findings with you. Then we can think about what needs to be done, and how to use your resources for best effect.

Allied Health Communications Checkup

Registered health professionals practicing in Australia are required to make sure their advertising, marketing and communications to patients and referrers complies with:

• AHPRA guidelines

• Health Practitioner National Law

• ACCC advertising guidelines and law
• The Therapeutic Goods Administration Law and Guidelines for products

$10,000 Fines

Get Checked

What’s the Problem? AHPRA has recently upgraded its advice and guidelines for health practitioners, and has increased its resources so that more frequent auditing of practitioner communications and marketing will take place. AHPRA says “Make sure you check and correct your advertising so you comply with your legal obligations. The legal requirements for advertising regulated health services are important to support members of the community to make informed choices about their healthcare.”

Ideology Consulting will complete a detailed review of your marketing and patient communications, and will provide you with:

  • A report for all the communications and marketing the you provide

  • Advice about potential issues of non-compliance with Law and guidelines

  • Alternative wording and communication for instances of possible non-compliance

  • Recommendations about the need for legal and further advice

  • A resource document with web links to important information and guidelines

ACBO Members please contact us directly for special terms.

Contact Us For Assistance With A Checkup.

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