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Like to Get Down to Business?

This is a broad sample of the services and intellectual property we provide to our clients. If you have any other requirements, please let us know and if we can’t help we will recommend someone who can.

We are always very happy to discuss your particular requirements at any time. After hours is fine. Before you decide to go ahead you we will send you a quote or proposal with fees and terms.

Generally, there are no “lock in” terms and we are flexible about delivery and arrangements


We usually complete defined projects a fixed fee. We will meet with you to find out about your project and to look at the scope and specifications.

Once we are all sure about the deliverables, we will give you a quote based on our estimate of the time and resources required. The job will be completed for the quoted price.

If you would like someone on your team who cares as much about your business as you do, give us a call.

We look forward to meeting you and thank you for considering Ideology Consulting.


Many small businesses take time to develop. There is lots of work to do and having someone to lead the charge and keep things moving is vital. 

Ideology Consulting offers an on-going relationship, where we support you and help you to overcome the barriers to implementation and success. We usually work on an agreed business plan so we all know where we are headed, then we help you to make it happen with resources, coaching, advocacy, education and other important deliverables.

For this type of service we usually propose a retainer arrangement. We can work out how much time you might need and a suitable monthly fee that suits your budget. You are guaranteed a minimum service each month but we always over-deliver. 

If you would like to discuss needs and options get in touch!


You have a specific question or need a quick chat about a business issue? 

Contact us at any time, day or night and we will be happy to take your call and help if we can. For one-off advice and support we recommend a simple hourly rate. This is usually charged as a minimum of half an hour. Any resources or other work  is billed separately and we will let you know if this is needed.

Service Agreements

Before we start working together we will provide you with a Service Agreement which details:

  • The Terms & Conditions of the service

  • Confidentiality assurances

  • The scope and term of the service you have asked for

  • The fees that will be charged for the service

  • Any other important or relevant information

It is really important that you read this document carefully, then sign and return it to Ideology Consulting, remembering to keep a copy for yourself.


We will normally invoice you for services provided when the service is complete, or at the end of the relevant month.

Payment terms are usually 14 days from date on invoice unless otherwise specified. Direct Debit details are included on your invoice and statement.

Credit card payments are accepted. Please download and return the payment authorisation form 

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