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How We Can Help You!


Even 10 years ago it was enough to be a good optometrist and have your practice open to do reasonably well. This is no longer the case. The World has changed and to be successful in business you must be a business practitioner as well as a health practitioner.

There are very important elements you need to have in your business, and If you do not have them, you should move quickly to get that fixed. We don’t think these components are optional. You can operate without them…sure. But to get the most from your practice they are “must haves”.

Business Health Check

Business Planning

Planning is the key to getting things done and making things happen. A business plan is essential if you are serious about a successful business.

A a comprehensive assessment of your business from the ground up is a great way to start your enhancement process and also handy to see which way things might go.


It is increasingly important to know who your patients are, what they want and how they want it delivered.

Marketing is an essential component of all business plans, but for most businesses, a separate Marketing Plan is a valuable strategic tool.

Performance & Benchmarking

Most businesses can quickly improve their efficiency and profits by making small changes to the way they operate. An “outside eye” can often see the lost income opportunities and identify elements and processes that are costing the business money, time, labour and unnecessary worry.

Ideology Consulting will help you make the important decisions that will achieve your goals, and assist you to uncover the best way forward with your business in its own unique context.

When you need a friendly, confidential ear you have days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Changing Your Business

All businesses need to change all the time. Our years of experience tells us that the ability to effectively bring about change is a key competitive advantage. It often sets apart the highly successful from the rest of the pack.

We can help you to change your business in the way that you would like to see it change. 

Coaching & Support

Thinking of buying a practice, or working towards a well earned retirement? We can help guide you though the process.

Ideology has many years of experience in advising current or potential owners about the value of a business, and the merits of the different options available to achieve your goals. 

People & Performance

Under performing staff can and will cost you money and market share. Once described by a client as “jelly wrestling with no beginning and no end”, many businesses struggle to organise and manage their staff as well as deal with customers, suppliers, family and all the other daily pressures.

Ideology can provide assistance and resources to keep you and your staff productive and happy.

Starting & Leaving Your Business

We offer a broad range of business related education in key areas that is delivered in a cost effective way with minimal disruption.


Almost any aspect of business management and operations can be covered. Just let us know what you need, or we can help you identify knowledge gaps.

Education & Training

Resources & Assets

Have you been meaning to finish that Policy and Procedure Manual and never had the time? Or never did get around to sorting out the staff job descriptions?

We can take care of these for you in a timely and economical way. Ideology has a huge range of essential business documents and resources available and can tailor to your requirements.

Practice Management

STORM comprises of a number of different products to help you get your hands on the strategies and software used by many successful businesses.

The STORM Hub is everything you need to transform your business, in one place. By committing to a 12-month subscription, you will gain access to a plethora of blogs, videos, templates, documents and webinars, as well as exclusive software to help you monitor your finances, schedule your social media posts and gather customer feedback

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