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People & Performance

Recruitment       Performance     Compliance     Teamwork      Structure        Appraisals        

We can:

  • Set up and help you conduct performance appraisals, coaching and education

  • Develop a plan for staff and team performance management and strategy

  • Provide job descriptions and employment conditions

  • Support and guide you in managing staff problems

  • Review your staff structure and staffing levels for efficiency

  • Improve motivation and communication

  • Help with recruitment, selection and employment.

  • Staff surveys and team development

Your staff are your most valuable resource and represent a major investment.

Under performing staff can and will cost you money and market share. Once described by a client as “jelly wrestling with no beginning and no end”, many businesses struggle to organise and manage their staff as well as deal with customers, suppliers, family and all the other daily pressures.

Ideology can provide assistance and resources to keep you and your staff productive and happy.

 Our objective is to set up effective leadership and operational management throughout the business, and to create a culture for your practice that produces outstanding results for all stakeholders.

Direction     Unity    Respect    Communication    Performance     Reward
Award Pay Rates

These are the pay rates for optometry practice non-optometry staff applicable from 1/7/18. 

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