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Education & Training

A study in the Harvard Business Review showed that businesses who educate their staff consistently out-perform those that don’t educate. A commitment to education underpins everything that Ideology does with its clients.

How do we do it?

  • We come to your business or preferred location. This minimises down-time and you can get the whole team involved

  • We deliver the education you need now. No waiting for other peoples programs to roll around.

  • We focus specifically on your team and situation.

  • You decide how much you need or how long the training goes for.

  • There are no contracts, agreements, memberships, or other obligations.

We offer a broad range of business related education in key areas that is delivered in a cost effective way with minimal disruption. Almost any aspect of business management and operations can be covered. Just let us know what you need, or we can help you identify knowledge gaps.

We will come to you, when you would like us there, and arrange for everything. Whether it’s an hour at the end of the day with pizza, wine and beer (very popular with small teams and businesses), or a full day at a function centre, we have it covered.

Sales     Customer Care     Retailing    Marketing      Leadership     Business Planning     Communication

To book an education session please complete and return the attached form and we will get back to you very quickly to confirm details or simply send an email and we will call to discuss your requirements.

Leading & Managing Change

Half-day Program
Wall small.jpg

The capability of bringing about change in business systems, processes and relationships is a vital competitive advantage for any organisation.

Knowing what to do it important but if it does not get done there is no advantage.

This presentation will detail the principles of managing change in the context of a provider-customer relationship and explore some opportunities for ensuring the desired outcome is achieved.

At the completion of the presentation participants will have a clear understanding of the important elements in successful change management, how it relates to their situation and some actions to carry into the workplace.

  • What is change leadership?

  • What is our purpose and what’s in it for them?

  • Get the expectations and outcomes clear

  • Leading change and influencing others – personality and people

  • ​Build an influential team to drive change

  • Look for the gaps and fears

  • Communication overdrive

  • Create Short term wins

  • Don’t let up or mess up

  • Summary and agreed actions

Team Performance Essentials

Half-day Program
Teamwork Small.jpg

Performance management is an essential part of running a successful business. There needs to be structure but we are dealing with people and knowing how to make the workplace effective, honest and fun is a major task. Get this right and so many problems will be fixed.

Learn how the right approach and structure makes things easy. Give effective feedback to your staff based on clear expectations and how to handle difficult situations.

  • The Five Rules of Management - get the basics right

  • Basic Business Structures

  • The Supervisor Relationship

  • Job Descriptions and Design

  • Performance Feedback

  • Appraisals and Goal Setting

  • When things go wrong

Advanced content:

  • Motivation and rewards

  • Staff feedback

  • Writing the appraisal

  • Ending the relationship

Bridging The Gap Between Client & Practice


Getting inside the mind of your patients is essential for your practice. Its what drives successful outcomes for everyone.

You need to make the time to really understand what makes your patients tick and why they do what they do when they buy your services and products. Your practice could be seriously missing the mark and misinterpreting the desires of your patients

This session covers what motivates clients and how can we respond so that the client and the practice get the very best outcome for all. The elusive WIN - WIN!

Half-day Program
  • Do we actually sell?

  • Understanding patients

  • The Gap Driver...why do they do that?

  • Understanding buying

  • Key influencers

  • Client care

  • Selling in tough times

Half-day Program

Business When Competition is Tough

Change Direction small.jpg

Explore what we need to do as owners and managers to ensure your practice survives is to develop a culture that supports innovation and continually questions why we do what we do and how we do it.

This change can only come from you, the critical resources of the practice, its owners and staff.

The quest to find strategies that create change can’t start with an inventory of best practices or problems. Our goal must be to create a business model that is forever changing and adapting, forever taking advantage of opportunities and trends. If we get this right there should be success and fast painless change. No major surprises, crises, re-organisations or trauma. It will be very exciting and stimulating.

  • Our environment

  • Strategy & management

  • Principles of management

  • What matters?

  • Being a Good Leader & Manager

  • Where to From Here?

  • Making a Plan

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