Looking for a New Job?

Sometimes you need a change. There are all sorts of reasons why employees decide to get a new career challenge. When you decide to look around, it can help to have someone looking out for you!

confidentiality is important. The optical industry is small and its not easy to stay under the radar. 


Confidentiality is important. The optical industry is small and its not easy to stay under the radar. Getting the word out and keeping your intentions private is a near impossible task on your own.

Ideology Consulting can look for your next job whilst ensuring that your interest is kept confidential until there is solid interest. We can guide you through the process of discussing with your prospective employer and making sure the conditions are right.

Hidden Jobs

Not all jobs are advertised. Some of the best opportunities are arranged through networks and forums like social media. Ideology can make direct inquiries with employers that might not have publicly advertised, and we are plugged in to the social and business networks of the industry. If there's a job going, we hear about it or can find it for you.

Get Advice

It helps to have someone to talk to. You can call Ideology in complete confidence and we will take the time to find out what you are looking for and to help you make the right decisions. 

After hours? No problem...We know its not easy during the day, so please feel free to call after work hours or on the weekend when it suits you. We will be there.

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