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Succession & Sale

Are you thinking about moving out of your business or retiring? Perhaps you are considering joining a group or franchise and would like to look at all your options?

There are many important decisions business owners make during a lifetime in business, and one of the most important is how to bow out gracefully, effectively, and profitably. Careful succession planning maximises the value of any business. All succession plans take time. Your options will be limited unless you have planned well ahead. Unfortunately, many businesses do not consider the implications and interrelation of the elements that decide if you can achieve your preferred option.

Our succession planning services include:

  • Helping to identify options, key people and time lines

  • Evaluating the positives and negatives of each one and develop a clear written plan

  • Helping you prepare your business for sale

  • Assessing the potential to improve your business return on sale.

  • Assist and develop an appraisal or value

  • Helping you find succession candidates and negotiate a way forward

 Our objective is a smooth transition and continuation of leadership and operational management throughout the business, and achieving the best exit result for you in your preferred time frame.

Advice & Tips

There are some important things to consider and get done when you might be looking to move out of your business and achieve a sale. We have many years of experience with helping business owners get this important decision right.

If you would like some basic information about aspect to consider, please download the document below!

Business Valuation

We have many years of experience in valuing health practices and related businesses. Over 20 years Ideology has developed an extensive cache of information and parameters for assessing the value of a business in this niche area. 

Our work is trusted by financiers, lawyers, and industry leaders. You can be assured of a confidential and independent perspective on your business, that will tell you honestly and fairly what it it might be worth. You will be provided with a comprehensive report that explains all considerations and pertinent factors, so you can see how we came to our conclusion.

Depending on the nature and size of your practice, this process can take a few weeks, and we will need lots of information from you about the business. When we have completed the job, you will be sure about what decisions you need to make, and what this likely outcomes are of those decisions.

Specialist Advisors & Experts

Getting the right advice is essential. Ideology Consulting has a network of highly experienced and friendly experts in areas such as accounting, law, broking, insurance, and finance, who we can bring to your table to help ensure you get the very best result. 

We can liaise and coordinate with these advisers, to make sure you get a seamless process and an outcome that is ideal for you. If you would like to discuss your requirements please contact us at any time.

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