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Marketing Plans & Strategy

It is increasingly important to know who your patients are, what they want and how they want it delivered. Marketing is an essential component of all business plans, but for most businesses, a separate Marketing Plan is a valuable strategic tool.

We work closely with you to develop plans that are achievable, and are focused on practical and profitable outcomes to improve your sales. We help you develop a coordinated and affordable program of marketing that will support the overall plan. Then, if you need it, we help you get it done, measure the results and evaluate the outcome.

A marketing plan will:

  • Set you in the right direction for marketing

  • Improve market share and patient numbers

  • Build business profile in ways that will combat competitors

  • Develop your “brand” and image

  • Manage resources and costs

  • Detail a marketing schedule, actions, timelines and responsibilities

  • Evaluate product and inventory management

We don't have a formula for marketing. It doesn't have to cost big bucks either! Direct marketing for smaller businesses allows us to put your value proposition and offer directly to your clients in a way that represents you; that you are comfortable with, and is tailored for your business and your environment.

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