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The Top 5 HR Mistakes In Small Business

There are some things you can't do without in business, and many of the basic arrangements for your people are essential to a happy and productive team. Here are the basic makes made by small business owners when employing staff.

No Employment Agreements

This explains the employment terms, conditions and rights clearly. If there is ever a question or dispute, you have it covered. Its like insurance. A typical $50,000 per year job is an agreement worth a quarter of a million dollars. No agreement? Your nuts!

No Performance Management

Its vital that staff have feedback about what they have done well and where they can improve. This needs to be done informally and frequently, as well as formally and less often. Knowing what is good and getting praise tends to encourage more of the same. Appropriate feedback about improvement can prevent bad habits. A formal Performance Appraisal is an essential summary and record.

No Training

Businesses that fail to develop their staff are failing themselves. Your staff are your business. In optics, if you have good staff and the right service and product, your patients will forgive almost anything else.

Not Knowing the Law

Employment law is very specific and quite complicated. Its easy to get into a tangle over things like the difference between part-time and casual, and employees entitlements. If you’re not sure, get advice.

No Pay Slips

You must provide your staff with a summary of their pay within 24 hours of each pay event.

If you need advice or help with this, get in contact.

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